Collaboration Between Design and Technology is Celebrated at TiL 2018

The 2nd Trends in Lighting saw lighting designers, innovators, architects and planners come together with technologist, engineers and researchers with the ultimate goal of bridging the gap between technologies and applications.

Over 1600 people from around the world provoked, explored and learned together about lighting and today’s new challenging requirement. With over 40 dedicated lectures, 4 hands-on workshops and 3 in-depth debate panels key industry wide questions where tackled head on.  The assembled delegation were guided through, and educated in, the very latest developments in technologies, design, application markets and lighting.

This year sessions explored poignant topics, asking challenging questions such as what does Human Centric Lighting really mean, how does it affect design and do users require further education in the lighting that surrounds them? How can lighting design become more agile to keep up with rapidly changing user behaviours and new functionality requirements?

In addition to the human focused issues the evolution of technology and the potential this is bringing to lighting was also addressed. What is the role that digitisation is playing in revolutionising lighting? How will connectivity manifest, what is the potential value and pit falls of the IoT? How does lighting transform into a multidisciplinary service, one that plays an integral part in architecture, aesthetics, behavioural sciences and technologies?

The delegation included representatives from Licht Kunst Licht, Trilux, Skandal Technologies, Licht Vision, LG Display, Samsung, Toshiba, Zumtobel, Bluetooth SIG, Signify and OSRAM.

TiL 2019 (SEPT 24-26) will be the international lighting forum and show that continues to inspire and encourage attendees to build a future for lighting design that is relevant and secure. The event is a platform where the latest developments in lighting are presented and discussed.