Interview with Marc Juarez, Seoul Semiconductor

Doing nothing means we could be creating more harm than good!

Marc Juarez is Technical Director Europe at Seoul Semiconductor and he found the time to have a quick interview with our team before he joins us for his in-depth and exciting workshop at TiL 2018.

Why is rolling up your sleeves and getting hands on so important to you?

Marc Juarez: I think it is the best way to understand how interesting our products can be. Sometimes it is difficult to understand and see the difference between products with pictures or videos. Working with them and testing the real products in your hands means you can see and feel the difference when talking about light. Somethings you need to see to believe.

You say light quality is now the next ‘race’. Who do you think will be the winners?

Marc Juarez:There’s a clear winner, the customer! We are finding ways to reproduce the sun spectrum. Can you imagine having the sun inside a luminaire at home or in the office or in the factory? Everyone’s mood would be better!

What do you think is really needed to help bring about positive change in the industry?

Marc Juarez:We are discovering new ways light can effect humans and we should try and implement these positive discoveries. Doing nothing means we could be creating more harm than good. We need industry to take these new and recent discoveries about the effect of light on humans and implement them on a global scale, creating better lighting for everyone.

Collaborative working is becoming more popular, how has it benefited your work?

Marc Juarez: It’s one of the parts that I love about my job, to communicate and collaborate with other companies and customers from totally different industries. It basically opens your mind and it helps you develop new ideas and enables you to understand the different challenges we face every day in bringing better and better solutions to the market.