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Third Industrial Revolution Ignites Debate For LpS/TiL 2020

The lighting industry comes together annually at LpS/TiL in Bregenz, a space where knowledge becomes part of the sharing economy and lighting is part of the future of digital Europe.   The focus for the workshops and panel discussions will be centred around the third industrial revolution and what this really means for lighting designers, technologists, manufacturers and regulators.  All parties can inspire, contribute and influence the next steps companies must make in order to satisfy end-users and harness IoT capabilities.   A new industrial revolution is characterized by three major technological advances occurring almost simultaneously; new energy sources, new communication channels...
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Trends in Lighting 2019 – Key Event for Architects, Lighting Designers, Planners and Investors

September 24-26, 2019, Opera House Bregenz TiL 2019 (Trends in Lighting Forum +Show), held in Bregenz, explores light and lighting design. Not limited to architecture and luminaires, TiL 2019 encompasses multiple factors of design, the latest applications of research and development, the digital ecosystem and the seismic shift it has brought, natural light and human wellbeing. The organisers want the attendees to use their experience of TiL 2019 to fuel their ability to spot the opportunities with light, broaden their horizons and widen their imaginations. Now in its third year the outstanding event program is dedicated to bridging the gap...
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LpS 2019 – Europe’s Foremost Lighting Technology Conference | 24-26 SEPTEMBER, BREGENZ

Trends setting lighting event with international key lectures and forefront exhibitors! The 9th international LED professional Symposium +Expo (LpS 2019) will take place from 24 to 26 September in the Opera House Bregenz, Austria. Its ambition is to nurture, support and drive the continued development in, and around, the lighting industry to enable its sustainable future. LpS 2019 will deliver an event that is a catalyst for positive change in the lighting industry. It will do this by making available to its attendees an in-depth diverse and vital 360-degree prospective of lighting and what drives, informs and affects it, from the...
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The TiL 2019 Speaker Line-Up and Event Program Is Unmissable

Austria–TiL 2019 (Trends in Lighting Forum +Show) has, for the third year in a row, created an outstanding event program, dedicated to bridging the gap between architecture, application, design and technologies. Joining over 1700 delegates and 100 exhibitors in Bregenz this year will be experts from lighting design, architecture, planning, investment and research. The varied and exciting speakers will be sharing their knowledge on key trends in lighting, including Smart Lighting, New Lighting Design Approaches & Applications, Connectivity & IoT, Human Centric Lighting and many more. These chosen specialists will be inspiring attendees with their future visions, creative designs, trend...
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Collaboration Between Design and Technology is Celebrated at TiL 2018

The 2nd Trends in Lighting saw lighting designers, innovators, architects and planners come together with technologist, engineers and researchers with the ultimate goal of bridging the gap between technologies and applications. Over 1600 people from around the world provoked, explored and learned together about lighting and today’s new challenging requirement. With over 40 dedicated lectures, 4 hands-on workshops and 3 in-depth debate panels key industry wide questions where tackled head on.  The assembled delegation were guided through, and educated in, the very latest developments in technologies, design, application markets and lighting. This year sessions explored poignant topics, asking challenging questions such...
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