The Full Program For TiL2018 Is Here

This year Trends in Lighting returns to Bregenz, and it has evolved to become even more inspiring and vital to the lighting industry. TiL2018  demonstrates that lighting knows no boundaries and has new and unexpected applications everywhere: in healthcare, entertainment, mobility and agriculture, to name just a few areas.
Trends in Lighting is mission critical for the lighting industry in its quest to find new meanings and new relevance of light in the digital age. Now we have passed the stage of energy savings being most important, we have begun to explore new purposes of light and new applications that bring true value to people all over the world.
The carefully curated program for TiL2018, together with the co-hosted LpS2018, forms a comprehensive overview of the current developments, hurdles and solutions for the disrupted and ever changing world of lighting. TiL will bring together the greatest minds in lighting to tackle this year’s key 5 topics of Lighting Heart & Soul, The Right to Create, Humanized Technology and Beyond Illumination.

 You can view the complete program schedule here:  Combined Program Table 

Image: Ourania GEORGOUTSAKOU, Secretary General, LightingEurope